Scrap metal shears PN-800

The PN 800 scrap metal shears are an efficient modern plant for metal recycling. A power of 800 tons, a large chamber (25 m3), 50 mm walls, reinforcement of all main parts with armor plates and a number of other successful engineering solutions make this unit indispensable for the processing of durable large-sized metal scrap.

The volume of the hopper of scrap metal shears is 4.5 m3. This makes it possible to simultaneously process a large amount of scrap metal, as well as makes it possible to process long and bulky scrap, which often does not fit into small-sized installations.

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Technical specifications

Cutting force800 tons
Chamber size5000x2200x2460 mm
Cutting width800 mm
Capacity11-18 tons/hour
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Scrap metal shears PN-800

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