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More than 300 customers worldwide


About the company

Welcome to «Balta Press» factory site!
Our company is manufacturing scrap-processing equipment, waste presses, as well as the development of hydraulic projects for mechanical engineering.

The company was founded in 2001 with the release of one model for the recycling of scrap metal, nowadays scrap balers, packet presses, hydraulic machines are coming off the production line. The specialists of «Balta Press» had been studying various areas for almost two decades and at the same time they were realizing new projects. In particular, in 2018 it was possible to start production of scrap trucks and presses for waste paper and plastic.

The «Balta Press» Design Office has its own scrap-training area. It is used to test machines under extreme conditions to guarantee the quality of the products. We know from our own experience the difference between mechanical scrap and manual scrap, and its benefits.

The range of the enterprise products will make it possible to find the equipment which is necessary for the recycling processes and storing of scrap metal as soon as possible. Our staff will design the machine as required according to the stated technical task for any challenges.

Today there are about 100 people in «Balta Press» and each of them can be considered as an expert in the technologies of stocking up scrap. Their experience and skills are open to our customers.

Our advantages

We are Russian factory

We manufacture everything in Russia and supply equipment all over the world.

Service 2.0

Our difference compare to others is fast response and good service. The customer knows that he won’t be left alone with a problem of our equipment even after the warranty expires.

Huge experience of non-standard equipment

We are working as a team of cool engineers and we have a strong design bureau. This means that we do not stamp the same machines, but we design recycling solutions for the narrow needs of the consumer. Give us the raw materials and what needs to be recycled, and we’ll come up with a line for that.

More than 300 customers worldwide

We have an impressive reference list. We have already done and we are still doing presses for the nuclear, metallurgical and recycling industry. There are all the strong and large players of the metallurgy market of Russia and CIS countries, scrap workers from Europe, as well as state corporations and armed forces of Russia at our disposal.

We are the exploiters of our equipment

BALTA METALS is our subsidiary of scrap collecting and scrap recycling. We also test our machines there under realistic conditions. We expose the equipment to aggressive work, also we test it with the help of unskilled workers to figure out where it might fail so that it won’t happen to you.

We’re fans of our business

We love our machines. We take advantage of them and we really enjoy designing and implementation. There’s nothing better than presses by Balta Press. Balta Press sounds cool, all guys like it.

Specialist assistance

We will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your questions

Our achievements

Since 2001 we are successfully automating and mechanizing the sphere of metal processing

More than 500 presses produced! It was hard, but we got through

We have been making presses and related equipment since 2001. The crisis of 2008 did not break, the pandemic of 2020 will not break either

Made a complex line for the disposal of radioactive waste

The first press-shears in Russia were released. Great performance at a low price

We made the press for the northern cleanup program that stand in the Arctic