BALTA-4000 baler 15 tons/hour

The Balta Press plant won the tender and offered the most technologically advanced equipment with suitable technical characteristics and the best price in comparison with foreign analogues. Were involved 6 engineers of our plant: engineers in hydraulics, mechanics, electrical. The Balta Press plant has embodied all the customer's wishes in the press: electrical, automation and control - exclusively from SIEMENS. Hydraulics from leading Italian and German manufacturers. The comfort operator's cab is heated. The cockpit contains a remote control panel and a touchscreen monitor for quick response and informing the operator about the processes performed by the press. For round-the-clock work, the press was equipped with lighting devices. The press uses a complex differential hydraulic circuit for the fastest press operation and higher productivity.

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Technical specifications

Force420 tons
Chamber size4000x3000x1500 mm
Bale size700x800 mm
Baling time150 sec.
AutomationSIEMENS with remote control and touch-screen
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
BALTA-4000 baler 15 tons/hour

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