Presentation of CPS-400 scrap metal shears

July 10, 2020

We are waiting for you at the presentation of the CPS-400 scrap metal shears in operation at our site "Baltametals" in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Making a decision to buy expensive equipment, relying only on video, photos in the catalog and a commercial offer is a rather difficult task. In addition to cost, it is important to understand whether the capacities of the selected equipment will allow you to solve your specific tasks. It is possible to understand this only by testing and seeing the equipment in action.

Arriving at our site, you will be able to touch and operate scrap metal shears, climb into all the units and see everything with your own eyes.
At the presentation, we will process 1-2 scrap trucks with metal, let you operate them yourself and experiment with cuts of various kinds of metal.
You will be personally convinced of the productivity of 5 t/h, European quality and ease of maintenance.

Head of the Balta Press company
Yaroslav Balta

P.S. The presentation is only held until July 17.



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Force 280 tons
Chamber size 1000x1000x400 mm
Bale size Ø=375, L≈210 mm
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Cutting force 800 tons
Chamber size 5000x2200x2460 mm
Cutting width 800 mm
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Cutting force 400 tons
Chamber size 1600x2300x2500 mm
Engine power 30*2 kW
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Compression force 300 tons
Chamber size 1200х700х800 mm
Bale size 700x300 mm
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