Balers of this category are specially designed for packetizing (bracketing) various types of plastic, paper, cardboard.

The waste paper and plastic press is a baler used to prepare for recycling of various types of industrial waste – paper, plastic and film. The design of the product is made using innovative hydraulic technologies, due to which the rate of recycling of raw materials by the unit is more than 50% higher than other domestic-made balers.

Plastic and waste paper balers from the Balta Press manufacturer are the embodiment of European quality, which is adapted for the domestic consumer and the Russian operator who is often not highly qualified to carry out this kind of work.

Product scope of use

The waste paper (paper, cardboard) baler, which is available for sale on the site, will be an excellent solution for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises where there is a problem of having a large amount of waste. The machines manufactured by Balta Press, adapted to the realities of operation in Russia, help to reduce the volume of waste by 5 times.

Such machines will become an important element in ensuring normal functionality of:

  • small points of reception of recyclable materials;
  • printing and publishing houses;
  • shops, supermarkets, shopping centers.

Pressing of plastic packaging, various types of paper, cardboard, polyethylene, film, PET bottles, plates, canisters makes it possible to save space during their transportation and storage.

It is advisable to buy a plastic and waste paper baler for solving problems related to the processing of any recyclable materials and materials with low strength and density.

In general, the balers from the Baltapress catalog are characterized by their universality of application, which is especially valuable given their affordable price for the Russian consumer.

Selection features

Before buying a plastic and waste paper baler, you need to decide on the technical characteristics that will be optimal for use in a particular enterprise.

In particular, when choosing a waste baling press, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • baler force;
  • bale sizes;
  • cycle time.

Machine performance is also an important indicator. If equipment of low capacity is purchased, it may not cope with significant volumes of raw materials, which will quickly cause wear of the mechanisms and the need for frequent repairs of the baler.

Choosing this or that model, you need to independently study its design features or order an online consultation from an expert who will explain all the nuances of the machine operation and help you choose the right equipment.

Order a waste paper and plastic baler in Balta press

It is worth buying a vertical automatic press for plastic waste and paper from the Balta press company (Naberezhnye Chelny) for several reasons:

  • for the production of balers, we use Western samples, but we adapt them to Russian realities and sell them at the prices that are optimal for the Russian Federation;
  • equipment from our catalog is manufactured using European-made components, which guarantees its high reliability and durability;
  • failed parts can be easily replaced;
  • after the end of the warranty period, our specialists are ready to provide qualified assistance and support to customers;
  • you can purchase products from the catalog with delivery in Europe and other countries of the world.

To find out the cost of a product with the appropriate technical characteristics, please contact our representatives via the Internet (via chat or a price request form).