Scrap Metal Shears

Scrap metal shears are a key element of the scrap metal recycling cycle in most modern plants. This equipment is designed for the processing of scrap, recyclable materials and voluminous rolled metal products. It is used to convert "pieces of tin" from 12A and 5A categories to 3AN. Today there are four types of hydraulic scrap metal shears on the market: container, mobile, semi-mobile, immovable scrap metal shears.

The main types of scrap metal shears

Container scrap metal shears

The metal is pressed with a stepped pressure mechanism. When scrap metal moves to the bottom of the bale chamber, the pressure is increased due to the "steps". Simply said, the scrap moves under its own weight and the lower it goes, the denser it is pressed. The crop shear located at the bottom of the chamber moves horizontally and cuts the metal into fragments. Thus, at the output, neat pressed layers of scrap are obtained, cleared of blockages in the form of earth and paint, and falling under the 3AN category.

Advanced manufacturers equip such scrap metal shears with a hook for hooking the machine, a "multi-lift" system, making them mobile and easy to be moved. Typically, container scrap metal shears operate autonomously on a diesel engine, but a power supply option is also possible.

The weight of container scrap metal shears (Chinese lightweight versions are not considered) is more than 25 tons, which makes it difficult to select special equipment with sufficient lifting capacity on a multi-lift. To avoid difficulties when loading equipment onto the trawl, you can retrofit the scrap metal shears with outriggers.

Container scrap metal shears are the most affordable option for converting a 12A piece of tin into a 3AH category, they are ideal for sites that collect 1000-1500 tons per month.


  • Low cost compared to other types
  • Fast redeployment by multi-lift or outriggers
  • No operator required
  • Fast payback (about one year)
  • Simple construction
  • Basic service
  • Easy sale on the secondary market


  • Low productivity (about 5 tons/hour)
  • Not suitable for large sites, from 1500 tons
  • Periodic ramming from above by a reloader is required for metal movement

Mobile (semi-mobile) scrap metal shears

Mobile/semi-mobile scrap metal shears has an oblong press chamber, 6-10 meters long, equipped on the sides with so-called "wings". That's what presses and forms scrap under the window of the section of the crop shear cut. This press is made of wear-resistant thin steel (10-14 mm), without power and massive units, which ensures its easy movement.

The wings themselves are not serviced, which may complicate their repair in the future. However, with careful use, their service life can reach 8 years. The duration of their operation depends, among other things, on the steel grade of the manufacturer. Replacement of "wings" is possible only with major overhaul on the territory of the manufacturer. It is impossible to change elements with improvised means in the field. This approach is fraught with the malfunction of the machine.

Scrap metal shears of this type are either initially installed on the semi-trailer platform (mobile) or has outriggers for trawl (semi-mobile). The take-off run power varies from 600 to 1500 tons. More force allows you to increase the width of the cut, thereby increasing productivity; it reaches from 10 to 20 tons/hour. In addition, this type of shears has a denser fraction of scrap metal. Also, this machine can be used as a press, excluding the last stage, cutting, from the cycle. This method gives dimensional bales, but with a density of about 1000 kg/m3 they are inferior to bales of an immovable press.

Often, mobile scrap metal shears are equipped with their own crane-manipulator, which allows you to save a lot on the purchase of a reloader. However, these shears is complex and require an experienced operator for maintenance. The weight of the machine can reach 50 tons, which negatively affects the cost of its transportation.


  • Productivity up to 20 tons/hour
  • Independence from the reloader (if there is a manipulator)
  • Easy transportation from site to site
  • Field service capability with a diesel engine


  • Complex structure
  • The main units are non-replaceable and difficult to maintain
  • Need for a skilled operator
  • Short service life (up to 15 years)
  • High likelihood of engine problems

Immovable scrap metal shears

Immovable scrap metal shears are distinguished by the highest productivity and an unusual operating principle. Scrap metal shears of this type have the most voluminous chamber, 6-12 meters long and 1.8-2.4 meters wide. The scrap is pre-pressed with a massive lid and is fixed on the side with a large piston. The power of the main units allows you to process scrap that is much thicker than that which other types of equipment can handle. Control is carried out from the operator's cab.

After forming the section, the pusher feeds the pressed scrap into the cut window, where it is cut by the crop shear. Indicators of the length of the scrap to be cut are either reflected on the controller or, in the case of the budget version, they are determined by the operator. This type of machine allows you to get a bale using the pusher as a press. Bales compressed by immovable shears have a rather high density (about 2000 kg/m3), which is significantly higher than the indicators of the mobile type.

In the immovable version, you can significantly increase the size of the chamber and the power of the power units. Operating on electricity and consuming from 150 to 500 kW, the equipment demonstrates the highest performance indicators – 20-50 tons/hour. Maintenance of immovable scrap metal shears requires a technically qualified team, and massive units require special equipment such as a crane.

This type of scrap metal shears has a maximum service life. This is evidenced by the samples of the 60s, operating today in some enterprises. It is the ability to service the shears that guarantees their long work. The main disadvantages include the high cost. So, the price of Western analogues starts from 100 million rubles and reaches 300 million rubles.


  • High performance
  • Huge cutting and pressing force
  • Serviceability of all parts
  • Maximum service life


  • High price
  • Difficulties in relocation
  • Need for an operator and a maintenance team
  • Difficulties in selling on the secondary market
  • Need for a special foundation
  • Expensive repairs

The structure and operating principle of the scrap metal shears

Scrap metal shears are designed in such a way as to crush the volumes of scrap required for a particular enterprise (scrap metal entering for processing has different sizes and density characteristics). On the modern domestic market, there are various models of scrap metal shears, among which the end user can choose the best option, pressing and cutting scrap to specified sizes and density indicators.

Scrap metal shears begin to function after the raw materials are placed in a container using a reloader. The work cycle of the scrap metal shears is fully automated. Metal cutting and pressing in the technological process take place alternately.

Technical specifications

Among the important technical indicators that you need to pay attention to before buying scrap metal shears, it should be noted:

  • The cutting force of the machine.
  • Performance.

Semi-mobile and small machines, which category include container scrap metal shears, have indicators of 5-20 tons/hour. Their choice will be the optimal solution for enterprises, the processing level of which reaches 5 thousand tons per month. The machines with higher productivity – scrap metal shears with lateral pre-pressing – produce between 20 and 40 tons/hour. For continuous operation of the installation at full capacity, production volumes must be significant, which means that such equipment is suitable for industrial giants.

Buying scrap metal shears manufactured by Balta-press

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