Scrap metal baler MSB-3

The MSB-3 scrap metal baler is a novelty on the domestic equipment market. Designed and manufactured according to European standards. The well-proven PP-300 baler is taken as a basis. It has an increased safety margin of the entire structure, additional protection of the hydraulic system components.

The armor plates are calibrated, made with trapezoidal guides. This model is fully automated, which allows only one person to operate it, there is also a remote control.

Clear and simple operation of the MSB-3 combined with high quality of performance is the key to success!

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Technical specifications

Force500 tons
Chamber size 1800х1400х800 mm
Bale size400x400 mm
Baling time90 sec.
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
Scrap metal baler MSB-3

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