Scrap Metal Balers

The main purpose of such equipment is the modification of scrap metal processing. Its task is to speed up processing, increase the machine loading and reduce manual processes. Scrap metal baler allows to increase the volume of the site with the same number of people, as well as to reduce costs per ton of processing.

Baling presses for ferrous scrap are a transfer from 12A to 3A or 8A categories without manual work of cutters, 4 times faster and with a 2 times reduction in the cost of processing one ton. Baled black scrap loads the wagon/cart to the maximum loading, and lightweight scrap can be loaded no more than 60%, which makes logistics unprofitable.

Colored aluminum scrap is required for baling. Otherwise, due to the low weight, the logistics of half-empty vehicles makes this direction unprofitable. In addition, the bales of compressed scrap metal are more convenient for loading and transporting. They are less burned in the furnace and melt longer, thus increasing the yield of raw materials.

Such machines can be used both at large metal and metalworking plants, and at scrap collection sites of any size.

Baling presses – the choice of modern scrap collectors

Balta Press products include six serial press models. At the company's sites, there are different types of scrap collecting equipment of the required capacity and chamber size. For the implementation of unique projects at the plant, you can order non-standard equipment; the design engineers of the enterprise will help in its development.

In the production of scrap metal balers, the design department of Balta Press takes into account the specifics of work in Russia, its climatic features, the lack of highly qualified personnel and the possibility of purchasing parts for equipment in the future. The requirements of customers from the CIS and Eastern Europe, with which we also managed to establish cooperation, were also taken into account.

Regardless of the location of the customer, scrap metal balers from Naberezhnye Chelny give positive results – they allow efficient use of space and save on logistics (when transporting bales of compressed scrap, a wagon can be loaded at 50% (1.5 times) more raw materials).

Characteristics of baling presses

It is necessary to choose a press for scrap collecting on the basis of the planned volume of "pieces of tin", the density of the obtained raw materials and the productivity sufficient to organize a full-fledged production process. The price of the baler stands apart in the choice of the baler. Equipment, the service life of which assumes many years, and sometimes even decades, cannot be cheap.

The money saved at the stage of purchase will inevitably lead to serious expenses in a couple of years – the equipment will break down without earning its keep. Balta Press baling equipment has an ideal price-quality ratio. Among the characteristics that are standard for the entire model range of Balta Press, we highlight the following:

  • use of Hardox armor or its analogues;
  • assembly according to German technologies;
  • reinforced stiffening ribs (up to 30-60 mm), which guarantee the preservation of the frame shape during operation;
  • hydraulic cylinders of our own production with German seals and Italian sleeves and rods;
  • choice of superstructures (the hydraulic press can be additionally equipped with automatic equipment with a radio remote control, manipulator, etc.);
  • possibility of easy replacement of parts.

Why Balta Press?

Over the years of work in Russia, Balta Press has established itself as one of the most reliable brands in the domestic market. The accumulated experience and careful study of consumer needs have allowed the plant to become a leader in the industry.

The main advantages of our company are the following:

  • use of western models in the production of baling presses;
  • European quality products at Russian prices;
  • service with an on-site team and easy access to replacement parts;
  • customer support after the end of the warranty period;
  • delivery of equipment to Europe and other countries of the world;
  • training of customer's staff to operate horizontal baling presses.

You can buy horizontal scrap metal balers from Balta Press by contacting the company's managers on the website (via the request form or in the online chat) or by phone. Our consultants will provide you with all the information you are interested in – the cost of equipment, terms of order fulfillment and the optimal scheme of the purchased equipment.