Double Column Baler RXP-100

Equipment for a specific process

Mold making requires special materials. For their processing, as a rule, equipment with special parameters is required. The result of the work of our design department was a new model of the RXP-100 press, which is now included in the serial production catalog.

The RXP-100 press is a high-performance equipment, in the development of which all the wishes of the customer were taken into account. Its performance characteristics:

  • working effort - 100 tons;
  • relatively low weight - 5.8 tons, which simplifies the transportation process;
  • low power consumption for this type of machine tool - 18.5 kW, which allows you to economically consume electricity;
  • fast pressing cycle - 40 seconds, and this has a positive effect on the volume of products produced during the shift.


The RXP-100 features a differential hydraulic circuit. The press is equipped with Italian-made hydraulics. The machine is easily operated with a remote control - one operator is enough for this.

We work in the format of an online store. Delivery of BaltaPress equipment is carried out throughout Russia and beyond. All presses are guaranteed. You can buy a hydraulic two-post RXP-100 from us in BaltaPressa.

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Technical specifications

Force100 tons
Chamber size1500x1100x1600 mm
Power18.5 kW
Plate size1200х500х100 mm
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
Double Column Baler RXP-100

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