Solid radio waste baler with a piercer C-2100-1-300

Equipment for pressing solid radioactive waste PP S-2100-1-300 is designed for semi-automatic pressing (biaxial packing) of metal 200-l drums with solid radioactive waste (SRW) and large-sized SRW fragments ("in bulk") placed in them, as well as for loading of original drums with SRW and SRW fragments from containers into the press chamber and transfer of finished packages to containers.

To remove air and liquid media from the barrel (for example, condensate) during pressing in the press, a system is provided for preliminary piercing of the barrel with solid radioactive waste located in the press chamber.

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Technical specifications

Compression force595 tons
Chamber size1200х700х800 mm
Bale size500x300 mm
Baling timeup to 480 sec
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
Solid radio waste baler with a piercer C-2100-1-300

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