Scrap metal baler PP-500

The bags are produced in one working cycle. The equipment works in any climatic conditions, does not require a separate room and is unpretentious in operation. The press is equipped with a heating element for heating the oil in winter before starting work, guillotine knives for cutting off protruding wire elements or other fragments of scrap.

The weight is optimized for a one-time transportation of equipment by one truck. The production cycle can be carried out by one person, which allows the owner of this equipment to pack the scrap at the place of metal reception. The cost of the press includes commissioning and staff training at the customer's site.

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Technical specifications

Force600 tons
Chamber size2200x1600x900 mm
Bale size500x500 mm
Baling time180 sec.
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
Scrap metal baler PP-500


Front knife
on request

Installed on the front side of the bale chamber, cuts off the protruding parts of the overall scrap.


Increases productivity by 21% with fewer lid operations.
Automation and remote control
on request

Eliminates the human factor, namely:

The hydraulic system is protected against pressure drops. The system gives an error and does not allow working until elimination. Also, the system automatically warns when it is necessary to change the oil and filter.;
The operator can control the press using a radio remote control from the reloader cabin, as well as using a SIEMENS touch monitor on the press itself. The press and the material handler are operated by one person, which reduces labor costs;
Oil temperature control (will not allow working if the oil is not heated to the desired temperature);
Engineers of Balta Press can remotely, while at the plant, read the errors that occur and make changes to the program using a modem installed on the press. All electrical and press control unit is made up of SIEMENS components. The press is equipped with an intelligent system that will not allow breaking the pressing algorithm.
Installing the manipulator
on request

Set manipulator-press solves the main obstacle to achieving high press performance- camera boot time

With the manual method, this parameter takes 70% of the cycle time, approximately 5-7 minutes. With configuration manipulator this parameter is reduced to 30% and increases the productivity of the press by 2 times! Beyond speed, instead of 3 workers  involved in the procurement of scrap for the press, you will needonly 1, he is the operator of the press, he is also the operator of the manipulator.

This is the same as putting a second press next to it. A press with this configuration expands completely and gives its owner a tangible understanding of the benefits and speed of the work, which he sees with his own eyes. 


Increase in productivity by almost 2 times. Instead of 3 workers, now only 1 operator is required
Smooth start
on request

A system that evenly starts the engine and pumps. Extends the life of the equipment.


Increases the service life of the station up to 12 years.
Guide grooves on the chamber and piston
on request

A system that evenly starts the engine and pumps. Extends the life of the equipment.

Prevents "chewing" of the metal in the bale chamber itself and skewing of the pressure plate with uneven distribution of scrap in the chamber. Recommended for processing small scrap.

Extends the service life of the bale chamber by 300% in comparison with the usual one.
Spare parts kit
on request

Having the most popular spare parts at hand is a guarantee of uninterrupted scrap procurement. Be provided with knives, bushings, cuffs in advance. A serviced press will last longer - which means it will generate income for longer. All components are easy to install and do not require any special skills. Our services will advise you on how to service the press or provide service work themselves. 

Full set of consumables for 3 years of work
Cooling system
on request

Additionally cools the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system. Recommended for areas with hot climates.


Increases the service life of lip seals and prevents them from deformation and leakage due to overheated oil.
Hopper for loading metal
on request

The hopper will enable the operator and the worker not to stop the metal loading operations during the press cycle. This speeds up and allows you to use the press more efficiently than without a hopper. This solution is recommended for enterprises with oversized scrap, where trimming of waste with a lid is not required. The hopper is operated by an additional lever / button by the operator. The hopper can withstand falling metal loads.


Increases productivity and makes it possible to load scrap during the cycle

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