Four Column Baler RXP-200

Each process has its own equipment.

The RXP-200 four-column press is used for high pressure forming of parts. For the first time made by our company "Balta Press" by order of an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of metal products. This press has shown excellent performance and has found application at other enterprises in Russia. Today the machine is included in the catalog of our serial products.

You can buy the RXP-200 four-column press from us at Balta Press. Our experts provide consultations on operation - the support service is always in touch. If necessary, technicians go to the place of work, carry out maintenance and troubleshooting. If a hydraulic press requires a complex restoration with replacement of units, this is done at the BaltaPress repair site, where it is specially transported.

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Technical specifications

Force200 tons
Chamber size2570x2090x1600 mm
Power70 kW
Slide stroke1000 mm
For detailed information on technical parameters, please contact the sales department
Four Column Baler RXP-200

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