Hydraulic presses by special request

The hydraulic baler is a unit that allows you to compress and change shapes, cut and perform other operations that require special efforts. These systems are widely used in metallurgy, machine-building industry, as well as in enterprises engaged in the processing and recycling of plastic, rubber products, plywood, etc. You can buy high-quality hydraulic units on the Balta Company website.

Varieties of balers

According to the type of construction, hydraulic equipment is divided into two types:

Horizontal. These systems are designed for cutting, bending and straightening raw briquettes.

Vertical. They are used for crimping, stamping. Such devices structurally consist of pumping units with high and low pressure. To ensure efficient use of energy, the high-pressure drive pump is used only for compaction that requires a lot of resources.

By designation, such equipment is divided into three classes:

  • for stamping and forging metal;
  • for processing industrial waste;
  • for stamping sheet metal.

In the Balta Company product catalog you can find the following models of hydraulic balers:

  • RXP 100;
  • RXP 200;
  • RXP 280;
  • S-2100-1-300;
  • BP 400;
  • BALTA 4000;
  • PP 500.

The main selection criterion is the developed capacity. This indicator represents the force acting on the workpiece. If it is planned to work with metal, this parameter should be in the range from 8 to 12 tons; systems with a capacity of 5-6 tons are appropriate for plastic and paper.

Main features and benefits

Features of our products:

  • force - from 200 to 600 tons, depending on the model;
  • equipment capacity – 18.5–70 kW;
  • baling time – 150, 180 or 480 seconds;
  • chamber size – from 1200х700х800 to 4000х3000х1500 mm.

You can find out more about the technical characteristics from our representative, who can be contacted by calling the phone number, or through a special form on the website. Get a free consultation on the properties and basic parameters required for your selection. Hydraulic presses for scrap metal are characterized by the following advantages:

Simple structure of the equipment. It ensures the affordable cost of the unit and the ability to use it for a long time. Also, the simplicity of the design in some cases allows you to reduce the cost of equipment repair and do it yourself.

The equipment design excludes the presence of safety elements used for overload protection. It also makes the baler much cheaper.

The systems are equipped with a movable work surface that does not affect the force of the equipment.

The ability to smoothly adjust the power.

In addition, the baler equipment allows the height and stroke length to be changed as needed. With an intensive work process, the same power can be created for a long time.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

To buy a hydraulic baler at a profit, contact Balta. We are engaged in the supply of reliable equipment from European manufacturers, characterized by high build quality and long service life. We work all over the world, so delivery is possible to Europe, as well as to other countries of the world. In the event of a breakdown of equipment, our specialists will promptly come to the rescue, since we also offer maintenance services.